Seven Years

  I usually blog about my local travel experience and food cravings or anything in between depends on my mood. This time around I just tried to write something unique and decided to make a brief and summarized story about me and my fiancé for the past seven years being together. So, before we settle down, this short flashback article will serve as our souvenir story. Captured sweet moments and accomplished salient milestones in our life are waste if I ain’t gonna put a bit story behind it.



 I was a casual skateboarder way back then, and here’s a pretty lady which happened to be my neighbor whose awakened my intense infatuation. She often gets my attention whenever she passes by at our mini skate ground in our nearby home street and have chance walking almost together along the way. Doing random grind and slide over the rail and having crazy flips and tricks just to get her attention weren’t effective after all. And my homies were like laughing too much at me.

  Years later, we got in touch unexpectedly via modern days communication thru a common friend. We started treating each other being like a long time  best friends from downfall to victory. We combined our differences, for me she’s like a princess and I was like a dirty warrior. She loves slow jam music while I’m enjoying hardcore punk genres. She’s normal and bright person and I’m weird. On the otherhand, similarities are still present. We both love traveling, eating, blogging, beach bumming, doing something unique and not so common trips, we’re simple and in silent close buddies. From period of being bestfriends that developed and brought us into a journey of evolving deeper feelings, we decided to commit ourselves as one.

First picture together. (April 2009)

One Year:

  Our first year being together in a relationship was just like a hot and aggressive little kids who have an eagerness to explore and to jive our differences. We’re just enjoying being together, eat, pray and love, no drama. She’s my number one fan during our band productions. She gave me her best applause and compliment even if sometimes I’m off beat. She appreciates me even the time I’m lazy shaving off these stubble on my face. Yeah, she loves my dirty and angas looks that time hehe.

First out-of-town trip: Zambales (May 2010)

Two Years:

  The continuation of our relationship path already mixed-up with a normal love-hate drama relationship, yet, no separation tragedy had happened. She often hates me for my mistakes. Inspite of this, I am just in my silent character not trying to argue her, she’s always right anyway hehe. We were still best friends-lovers who usually hangout and eat dishes that are supposedly serve for 3-4 people. We usually laugh out so loudly everytime we throw blooper moments together. Our second year was like we’re still getting to be closer, through our ups and downs, we kept ourselves stronger.

First out-of-town via air travel. Heading to Palawan (July 2011).

Three Years:

  Among the years we’ve been through, our third year was I think the most tough and the most challenging we had in our relationship. We had this Long Distance Relationship (LDR) situation as I departed heading to abroad (Middle East) to explore my professional expertise and had the chance to grasp the given opportunity. Before we separate geographically, we set our minds on the chances of arguments and conflicts we might encounter. Luckily, we handled everything in accordance on what we’ve expected and wanted. We didn’t miss every hour of sending SMS and voice call, added with Viber and Skype chat apps during our free time. We update each other every time on our actual doings, if not, away na ‘to haha. We had to sacrifice our usual happy times being together and left out alone during our monthsary dates. We were physically apart from each other, but, we’re unimpaired by our faith and trust. On this time, we were taught on how to grow and to survive more. We knew we could do something about it. And just like an island tourist, we reached our destined island smoothly and victoriously.

LDR moments, monthsary video chat “31”. (May 2012)

Four Years:

  Our fourth year relationship journey was just like we’re starting all over again. As this year, we were physically attached again from my one year overseas work commitment. Everyday we were boosted up by our treasured stories, we had a never ending chatting and laughing with full of excitements on the early quarter that I came back. We refreshed our usual doings such as special day gatherings, countless movie dates, non-stop food trippin’ and out of town trip. Trials and challenges of a normal couple were still there but nothing can hinder us. It was just like we are moving forward everyday and keep loving more and more each day. Our affection didn’t fade out but grew more and more instead.

Reunite for an annual escapade. (May 2013)

Five Years:

  Three, five, seven, nine years etzetera etzetera. These are the numbers of relationship year which normally and usually couples get married, as what they say. In our case, we didn’t think of it at all. We are just a couple who usually enjoying our company, having fun everyday being together and just being ourselves, nothing more and nothing less. It was just life realization, our relationship was getting deeper and maturity level evolving that made me think of.. Marriage Proposal! I knew her for five long years thru our ups and downs. We survived each and every challenges we had. I wanted to take our relationship into a new level without thinking of any commitment year numbers not even just because Dingdong Dantes shouted out his marriage proposal to Marian Rivera in a national television on this same year. Realization was just there, even a kid could grow-up on his own and could realize everything just to live his life based on what he had learned. And even a small mango fruit attached in a tree for certain period of time is almost ripe and ready to harvest. So, the highlight of our fifth year milestone was our engagement. With the help of her bestfriends, my planned surprise wedding proposal was perfectly and smoothly happened.

The Wedding Proposal. (November 2014)

Six Years:

  Wedding preparation added some spice and thrill to our continuous journey. We still do what we usually do as a couple. Hangout, movie date, out of town trip with the family etc. In parallel, we do brainstorming and planning prior on hiring our opted wedding suppliers. Along our preparations, sometimes we argue due to our different preferences in choosing wedding suppliers. And I learned from those church married people that during this kind of preparation, we will encounter these such challenges. Patience and gentle communication are highly needed. So far we are doing good and smoothly, and everything is under control. By the way, part of the wedding preparation planning we loved the most was the food tasting haha.

First camping trip photo. (April 2015)

Seven Years:

  The most challenging and the most exciting year we have, all in one. No mandatory annual out of town trip, and no formal and sumptuous dates. Our wedding day is fast and near approaching. On this year, we just focus ourselves on the detailing and planning for our big day. We allotted almost two years for the preps nothing else, besides we are already here in our new milestone life record. Yet, we are still a happy couple who loves to eat full plated dishes, laugh out so loudly anytime anywhere we want just like no one is with us, doing micro blogs etc. This is who we are even during our early years,  nothing’s changed. We eat, we pray and we love, together.

photo by: Nice Print Photography

Seven years down, forever to go!

To infinity and beyond.

“Staying in an island with you is the sweetest day of my life. It looks like the place is exclusively ours, just you and me. I feel like we live in our own isolated planet, so far away from dramatic reality.” -udje-



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